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Notice of Dog Bite

  1. MTPD

  2. Morris Township Police Dept. Notice of Dog Bite

  3. Name

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  5. Please provide a phone # or email if additional information is needed

  6. You MUST confine your pet for ten days [from the date of bite] within a pen or other enclosure on your property, separate and apart from other animals and humans, N.J.R.S. 26:4-82 and 26:4-85. A Notice of Quarantine will be forwarded to you by the Morris Township Heath Department.

  7. Failure to immediately comply with this notice or the Notice of Quarantine will result in the enforcement of Local Ordinance Chapter 101-21.

  8. Your pet MUST remain under quarantine until the Health Officer signs the Notice of Release and this will be issued only after a veterinarian has examined the animal following the 10th day of quarantine. Call the Health Department 973.326.7390 to schedule an appointment for the Notice of Release form.

  9. Should your pet die within the quarantine period, you must immediately notify the Health Department. Do NOT dispose of the dead animal, as the Health Department must know if the animal died from rabies.

  10. Signature of Police Officer:

  11. Acknowledgment of Notice:

  12. First and Last Name

  13. I, the owner of the dog involved, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this Dog Bite Notice

  14. One(1) Copy is submitted electronically to the Police Department for Signature

  15. One(1) Copy is submitted electronically to the Health Department

  16. One(1) Copy the owner should keep on file.

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