Skyline Sanitary Sewer Project

Application Information & Forms: 

  • Sewer Connection Ordinance – Regulations governing the requirements to connect to the Township’s public sewer.
  • Application for Sewer Connection – Permit application to be submitted by property owner or their contractor with the sewer connection fee and inspection fee
  • Sewer Connection Fee Payment Plan Application- Form authorizing payment plan for the sewer connection application fee. Form to be submitted with application for sewer connection.
  •  Certificate of Septic Abandonment – This form is completed by your contractor and submitted by them to the Township Health Department at the time the septic tank is abandoned.

Construction Plans & Details:

  • Skyline Sewer Project – This plan details the overall project limits and identifies which properties are to have a gravity connection or a pump connection.
  • Skyline Construction Plans – This document contains the full set of construction plans and has information on the location and depth of the sewer main to be constructed by the Township.
  • E-One Grinder Pump – The document contains manufactures information about the E-One Grinder pump that is being provided by the Township as part of this project.
  •  Construction Details – This document contains detail information about how the Township will be constructing the individual house connection points which will be located at the road right of way. Also included is a detail on the installation of the E-One pump.
  1. Jim Slate

    Township Engineer

  2. David Hansen

    Assistant Engineer / Zoning Officer

  3. Bernard Senger

    Assistant Engineer

  4. Erin Doherty

    Secretary / Notary

  5. Bill Hutchinson


  6. Michael Sarno


  7. Joseph Schwab

    Jr. Design Eng/CAD Op./Pro Mgr./Inspector

  8. Engineering

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